The Course for Trauma Survivors Setting Boundaries

A step-by-step trauma-informed course for how to set, communicate + uphold boundaries after traumatic, abusive, toxic relationships.

Boundary Setting for Trauma Survivors is now closed for enrollment!

The doors will reopen at the end of 2024.

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This trauma-informed course will teach you the step-by-step process of rebuilding your self-respect in order to END these harmful cycles.

What you can expect!

  • Learn how to reconnect to your values.

  • End your people pleasing + self-abandonment patterns.

  • Stop fearing abandonment.

  • Build your confidence to communicate.

  • Stop over-empathizing and tolerating too much disrespect.

  • Learn how to regulate + not cut people off too quickly.

  • End your self-sabotaging patterns!

  • Cultivate healthy, secure connections.

  • Feel safe again in new + existing relationships!

When you've experienced trauma, you will question your worth, prioritize the opinions of others above you, feel too sensitive, struggle with trusting yourself (+ others), fear backlash and self-abandon.


  • No longer struggling to say "No" for fear someone will abandon you.

  • Feeling safe regardless of who is in front of you.

  • Finally knowing your worth and no longer questioning how you feel you should be treated.

  • No longer questioning or doubting what you are feeling, needing or wanting.

  • No longer feeling you need to control your surroundings.

  • Having awareness over what is triggering + knowing exactly how to manage it.

  • Your high reactivity is gone.

  • No longer feeling used, abused, taken advantage of or like a doormat.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Healing from trauma means you have way more to navigate + manage than just learning how to say "no" when trying to set a boundary.

You can have the skills to communicate and the basics of setting boundaries but if you have NOT acknowledged your adaptive survival behaviors, trauma triggers and dysregulated nervous system, you will find respecting yourself to be a real BIG challenge.

This course has been created so that you can finally rebuild your ability to advocate, govern and respect yourself after trauma.

Boundary Setting for Trauma Survivors is now closed for enrollment!
The doors will reopen at the end of 2024.

To be notified when enrollment reopens,


This course is a key foundational step in your post-traumatic growth journey!

Real experiences. Real lives. Real people.

This Course will help you if you:

  • Have experienced abusive or toxic relationships in your past (friendship, family, work or romantic relationships).
  • Are struggling to feel respected by those around you.
  • Are dealing with people who have unresolved trauma.
  • Are working on your attachment patterns + aiming to create a secure attachment style!
  • Currently struggle with people pleasing or self-abandonment.
  • Live with an individual who has no boundaries.
  • Are healing from childhood trauma + generational patterns.
  • Grew up in adverse childhood environments.
  • Fear backlash or punishment.
  • Have left a toxic relationship + are healing from it.
  • Are dealing with difficult people in your life.
  • Are healing parental relationships as an adult child.
  • Have severe anxiety or freeze when trying to speak up + advocate for yourself.
  • Want to feel safe in all your relationships (including the one with yourself).
  • Struggle with over-communicating, over-empathizing + tolerating too much abuse or disrespect.
  • Struggle with cutting people off too fast.
  • Are staying in toxic relationships for too long.
  • Are scared of being manipulated or gaslit again.
  • Struggling with self-sabotage.
  • Have a short fuse + are highly reactive in relationships.
  • Are a practitioner, coach or therapist wanting to acquire more trauma-informed education to support your practice, patients + clients.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Why Choose Boundary Setting for Trauma Survivors?

Expert Guidance: You'll learn from an experienced expert who has helped thousands of individuals regain their safety + self-respect after trauma.

Proven Techniques: Benefit from a comprehensive course that combines cutting-edge psychology with real-world, practical strategies + experiential evidence for lasting change.

Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, on any device. This course is designed to fit your schedule.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your Instructor

Amy Fiedler
Amy Fiedler

Amy Fiedler is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Trauma Support Specialist + Certified Reiki Master Practitioner of Natural Healing. Well versed in many holistic modalities, with 10+ years of professional experience and over 2000 clients + students, she specializes in providing individuals of all ages with integrative and sustainable mental and emotional support.

Amy's work focuses on emotional guidance, relational behavior patterns, trauma support, healing after trauma + trauma-informed care. She supports, guides + educates individuals to gain emotional + behavioral awareness + utilize healthy, supportive coping strategies to better their mental health, improve their relationships, regulate their nervous system, navigate life after trauma + enhance their quality of life!

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The online course is completely self-paced! You decide when you start and when you finish. You have lifetime access to the content.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have immediate, lifetime access to all content included with the course as well as all future updates, bonus updates + future modules!
Are refunds available?
Due to the digital nature of this course, refunds are not available. Upon purchase, you gain immediate access to all digital content.
Is there 1:1 support with Amy that comes with this course?
Upon completion of the course, you have access to Student Bonuses + Discounts which includes 1:1 support with Amy. Completion of the course as a student is required to utilize this add-on!
What is the format of this course?
The course is currently made up of (5) comprehensive modules with (19) lessons that also include Actionable Step Downloads + Supportive Worksheets. You also have access to Bonus Lessons and 1:1 Student Discounts as well as discounts on accompanying resources + courses to support you in all aspects of your holistic healing.
Do I have to watch the course in any particular order?
I recommend following the modules in the order they're taught in (1-5). They start with foundational principles and boundary basics which sets the tone for the rest of the course to build off of as we get into emotional regulation, self-soothing techniques, healthy communication, difficult people and respecting your boundaries.
How long is this course?
Though it's self-taught and you can go at your own pace, most people find it takes them about 7 - 10 days to complete all 5 modules and read or complete all (14) supportive worksheets, depending on how quickly they prefer to go through the material. Each module contains video and audio lessons ranging in length from 60 to 120 minutes. I do recommend only doing course content for (1) hour max. and then taking a pause or breaking until the following day to mitigate emotional overwhelm and information overload being that the content has you reflecting and processing as you go.
How long will this course be open for enrollment?
This course will reopen enrollment December 29 and close enrollment on January 6th, 2024 (12 Noon ET).
Why is tax added to my course purchase?
VAT Tax is a requirement in certain states and countries. Tax is automatically added onto your course purchase depending on your location. Our price is the price advertised! $295 for Early Bird Students and $395 for Regular Enrollment.
Who is this course NOT for?
This course is not for individuals who are not ready or willing to implement tangible action steps to improve harmful behavior patterns, strengthen their confidence and trust themselves. If you are wanting to blame others and not be proactive in your own healing and growth, this won't be the right course for you.
Is there a community element with this course?
Due to the nature of the course content and the varying levels of healing each student will be at, there is no group chat or community aspect to this course.
Are there any Live calls with this course?
There are no live calls with this course. All content is pre-recorded with audio and visual elements as well as downloads, worksheets + exercises to complete from the comfort of your home.
I really want this course! Are there payment plans available?
You will see different payment options available to you when you click to enroll in this course! You will also have the option of buy now, pay later through AfterPay or Klarna.
My question isn't listed:
If your question is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] so you can gain clarity and make the best decision for yourself on whether this course is right for you!
When does this course reopen for enrollment?
Boundary Setting for Trauma Survivors will be reopening for enrollment at the end of the 2024 year! Join the waitlist to hear first when enrollment is opening and to receive early bird pricing!

"First of all, I overcame the perception that I don't matter just by enrolling and taking the time to go through the entire course. The action itself meant something to me. The worksheets allowed me to identify triggers I hadn't even realized I had (like violent movies or sad movies or loud noises) and understanding the ripple effect of not setting a boundary on me and on others. This was key to teach me that setting boundaries in the first place will avoid negative ripple effects including for those I love. The 2 one to one sessions with Amy were also super helpful and a welcome surprise (I hadn't realized they were included in the course!). Yes, I would and have already recommended this course!! It's incredibly structured and keeps razor sharp focus which for someone who is traumatized helps a lot to stay focused and feel the value of what they are hearing and reading. THANK YOU, Amy, for doing this, it is more valuable than you can imagine or I can explain."

- Anonymous (Student's name withheld for privacy)

Boundary Setting for Trauma Survivors is now closed for enrollment!
The doors will reopen at the end of 2024.

To be notified when enrollment reopens,


This course is closed for enrollment.