The New, Safe Relationship Bundle

Includes (5) educational PDF decks to download.

Have you experienced relationship trauma?

Are you wanting to cultivate safe, supportive relationships moving forward?

Are you starting to date or fully commit to a new relationship that feels healthy?

(But you don't trust yourself and are worried you'll sabotage it!)

Navigating relationships after toxic, abusive, traumatic ones can feel scary and overwhelming.

Trauma triggers can emerge even in the safest, healthiest relationships.

And that can leave you questioning yourself, your judgement and whether or not you're ready for a relationship or are missing a red flag.

I've been there as a trauma and abuse survivor myself, so I put together this educational bundle to help you feel more secure, confident and capable of building new, safe relationships in your life!

Not only have I been in your shoes in the past, but I have helped thousands of people process their relational trauma and go on to cultivate healthy, safe and supportive relationships.

This bundle will educate and guide you on the nuances, triggers and struggles I wish I had been informed of with my own relational experiences and the experiences of those thousands of clients.

It will help reduce your fears and over-whelm in developing new, safe relationships. It'll help you understand your trauma and trauma triggers better, make you feel less 'crazy' and more trusting of yourself, your needs and boundaries moving forward!

This bundle of PDFs includes:

  1. 6 Sabotaging Behaviors I Needed to Change After Entering a Safe Relationship

  2. Trauma Survivors Might Struggle with Feeling Safe Even While in a Safe Relationship (Educational Thread)

  3. 5 Trauma Triggers I Worked on Healing After Entering a Safe Relationship

  4. Trauma Survivors Can Have a Desire to Over-Share About Past Trauma in New, Supportive Relationships (Educational Thread)

  5. 6 Signs That Made Me Realize I Had Relational Trauma

Download this trauma-informed educational bundle below!