The Trauma Education Bundle

Includes (4) PDF educational decks

Are you a trauma survivor or a partner, friend or family member to one and want to understand more about trauma? Maybe you want to be able to support someone better or educate yourself so you can navigate the relationship easier.

Have you experienced childhood trauma, emotional neglect, psychological abuse, grown up in an adverse childhood environment or had a toxic relationship?

And you notice you're hypervigilant, highly sensitive, easily triggered, suspicious of others and deeply struggle to feel safe.

Does it help you to learn directly from a professional who is a trauma survivor and has firsthand knowledge of how it impacts the physical body, nervous system and your relationships?

I'm here to help! I put together (4) PDF decks providing you digestible insight, clarity and practical guidance to support your personal education and/or use as a resource for friends, family, partners or in therapy.

These educational decks will provide you an easy to read, comprehensive look into what trauma is, the impact trauma and your present-day environments have on a traumatized nervous system, and popular mental health advice that is not trauma informed.

Download your educational decks below!