Identifying Your Trauma Triggers

Worksheet + Guide

Are you wondering what's triggering you?

Does it feel like you're walking through a minefield and everything and everyone causes you to have a heightened emotional reaction?

It feels uncontrollable, embarrassing and annoying because you can't seem to feel at ease, happy or at peace. You don't feel anyone understands what you're going through and you're wondering what is wrong with you.

Are you wanting to safer and more in control of your life after trauma?

Be able to wake up and not feel like you're at the mercy of everyone and everything around you?!

I've been there myself. I understand what you're going through.

I'm here to help! Not only have I been in your shoes before, but I have helped thousands of people identify their trauma triggers, learn to cope and self-advocate and then go on to develop healthy, safe and supportive relationships.

I put together a worksheet and a guide that will educate you more on trauma triggers and teach you to identify your own as well as map out a healthy plan to cope!

This PDF will provide you an educational worksheet and guide that'll answer the question, what is triggering me (& what do I do about it)?

Click to download it below.